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Production Research

VSB allocates nearly 50 percent of its operating budget each year to production research. Learn about these dollars in action through the Virginia Soybean Update.

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Legislative Issues


July 2013

Risk Management and Farm Policy

  • Pass a comprehensive, five-year farm bill that strengthens farmers’ ability to manage risk, does not distort planting decisions, strengthens crop insurance, reauthorizes and funds market development programs, and reforms conservation programs to focus on working lands while significantly reducing the number of productive acres enrolled in the CRP.
  • We urge House leadership and members to modify the Farm Bill legislation and quickly bring it to the House floor for a vote. Congress’ failure to pass a new farm bill is creating needless uncertainty.
  • Unless House leaders can produce a clear plan and vote counts on how splitting farm and nutrition programs into two separate bills attracts enough votes to pass, can be successfully conferenced with the Senate’s farm bill and results in a final conference report can be passed by both Houses of Congress, we believe splitting the traditional coalition of urban and rural lawmakers which has supported farm bills is bad policy and could result in neither farm or nutrition programs passing.


  • Defend the Renewable Fuel Standard
  • Extend the biodiesel tax incentive past 2013

Trade Expansion

  • Achieve new market access for soy and meat in Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations
  • Pass Trade Promotion Authority to allow the United States to consider new trade agreements
  • Address barriers to U.S. soy and meat products in the US-EU TTIP negotiations
  • Challenge trade restrictions to U.S. soy resulting from the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive
  • Improve the timeliness and predictability of Chinese, EU, and other major market regulatory approvals for new biotech traits, pursue global low-level presence policies

Federal Budget and Appropriations

  • Agriculture is willing to do its fair share to reduce spending provided cuts are proportionate
  • Protect funding for export market development, food aid, agricultural research, crop insurance, and conservation on working lands
  • Seek appropriation of funds for FY13 for Biobased Market Program and Biodiesel Education Program

Transportation and Infrastructure

  • Support funding and actions by the Corps of Engineers to ensure maintenance of channel depths necessary to avoid disruptions to barge traffic on the Mississippi River and tributaries
  • Support infrastructure proposals that fund and streamline maintenance and construction of waterways infrastructure, including locks and dams

Ag-Related Regulatory Actions

  • Oppose EPA actions to supersede state authority in the Chesapeake Bay and other watersheds, and the use of flawed models that don’t reflect current agricultural practices and conservation results
  • Support timely, science-based reviews by USDA and EPA in deregulating new biotech traits
  • Eliminate duplicative pesticide permitting requirements
  • Support raising the exemption level for new oil spill containment rules to 10,000 gallons and provide greater responsibility for farmers to self-certify compliance

Aquaculture and Sustainability

  • Support regulatory and legislative initiatives for a U.S.-based aquaculture industry
  • Meet U.S. and global demands for sustainable soy in a manner through the U.S. soy industry’s Soy Sustainability Assurance Protocol that enhances the competitiveness and sustainability of U.S. soybean producers