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Production Research

VSB allocates nearly 50 percent of its operating budget each year to production research. Learn about these dollars in action through the Virginia Soybean Update.

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Part of the Virginia Soybean Board (VSB) outreach includes education of many audiences. VSB communicates to farmers, consumers and students. Through education, VSB helps people better understand soybean production and its role in their lives. Here’s a list of current education programs funded through VSB:

Agriculture in the Classroom – Virginia Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) educates Virginia’s children about the importance of agriculture in their lives. With funding from the Virginia soybean checkoff, AITC distributes commodity maps to more than 10,000 students statewide. The maps help children learn about agriculture, while helping them build map reading skills and learn the state’s geography. AITC also helps teachers integrate information into their standard lesson plans.

Virginia FFA Association – Virginia FFA hosts an annual career-development event focused on developing agronomy and crop-evaluation skills for FFA members. Teams of four students are tested on their knowledge and skill in several agronomy and crop-evaluation areas. VSB helps fund the event through sponsorship of awards and travel for the next steps in competition.

In addition to the career-development event, VSB also helps fund the Fiber and Oil Crop Production Proficiency Award. FFA members complete record books through the proficiency awards program. This program helps students set goals and learn practical skills. FFA chooses the winners based on best management practices and efficiency in producing or marketing fiber and oilseed crops.



Virginia Soybean Association – VSB funds many promotional and educational activities conducted through the Virginia Soybean Association (VSA). From biodiesel promotion to the Corn & Soybean Conference, the VSA helps get the soybean message out to farmers and consumers.

childrens museum

Children’s Museum of Richmond – Come check out the new SoyMOR exhibit! We are excited to partner with CMOR to teach more folks about soybeans!

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To find out more about VSA’s activities, visit their education page, here.