First Purchasers

Virginia Department of Taxation requires that first purchasers (grain elevators) register their businesses for proper implementation of the soybean checkoff. To register a business, click here.

Elevators may use this form to remit soybean checkoff: SPARC Form.

The United Soybean Board

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Production Research

VSB allocates nearly 50 percent of its operating budget each year to production research. Learn about these dollars in action through the Virginia Soybean Update.

Click here to view 2014 VSB-funded projects.

Click here to view 2013 VSB-funded projects.

Click here to view 2012 VSB-funded projects.

United Soybean Board

Soycheckoff_4CThe national soybean checkoff was established in the 1990 farm bill. The United Soybean Board oversees the funds invested into the soybean checkoff from soybean farmers across the United States. The checkoff consists of one-half of 1 percent of the selling price of soybeans. Half of the dollars stay in the state to be invested for local and state projects in research, marketing and education activities. The United Soybean Board invests the other half at the national level in promotion, research, and consumer and industry education programs designed to maximize profit opportunities for U.S. soybean farmers.

The United Soybean Board consists of 69-farmer leaders representing soybean producing states or regions. Two farmer-leaders from Virginia sit on USB. To learn more about United Soybean Board, visit

Current United Soybean Board Representatives from Virginia

  • Cameron Gibson, Orange
  • Robert White, Virginia Beach

Nominations for the United Soybean Board
The Virginia Soybean Board nominates soybean farmers to serve on the United Soybean Board and submits the nominations to United State’s Department of Agriculture.

After reviewing the nominations, the secretary of agriculture appoints farmer-leaders to three-year terms on USB. Please contact Virginia Soybean Board if you are interested in serving on the United Soybean Board.

Interested parties may fill out the United Soybean Board Nomination Form and the Agreement to Serve.

USDA Oversight
USDA serves two basic roles under the Soybean Promotion, Research and Consumer Information Act.

  • USDA assists with the implementation of the Act, which includes preparing and publishing the Federal Register rules and regulations, referendum rules and other required documents.
  • USDA also oversees the checkoff program’s activities to ensure they comply with the law.

Learn more about USDA-Agricultural Marketing Service and the checkoff programs here.