2017 Production Research

On-Farm Investigation and Evaluation of Soybean Production Strategies for 2017 -Mr. David Moore requested and was granted$10,250.00 to assist Virginia’s soybean producers with investigation and troubleshooting of problems in soybeans and the limitations associated with them, and also, to provide research-based local evaluations of control strategies used to improve production efficiency.  Varieties will be tested in various locations to help determine top yielding varieties for each test location and to present an overall comparison.  Management strategies will be developed, implemented, and tested on producer farms and their focus will be to optimize production and maximize economic yields while minimizing negative environmental effects.

Optimal Fertility for High-Yielding Soybean Production in Virginia – Dr. Mark. S. Reiter requested and was granted $22,169 to assist producers with management decisions regarding sulfur and potassium deficiencies and yield responses as they relate to high yielding soybeans.  Objectives include determination if current potassium recommendations for double crop soybeans are impeding yield. Determine sulfur management needs for soybeans in high yielding systems.  Disseminate research information to farmers to integrate into their production systems.

Tactics for Avoiding PPO-Resistant Palmer Amaranth and Common Ragweed in Virginia – Dr. Charles W. Cahoon requested and was granted $19,000.00 to evaluate residual herbicide programs that will limit selection pressure by the PPO-inhibiting herbicides. To evaluate weed control by herbicide programs that include two, one or zero PPO-inhibiting herbicides.

Validation, Optimization and Deployment of Fungicide advisories for Soybeans – Dr. Hillary Mehl requested and was granted $26,116 to validate and optimize a weather-based disease advisory for foliar fungicide application in soybean and to survey soybean fields for fungicide resistant pathogens and quantify frequencies and distribution of fungicide resistant frogeye leaf spot.

Soybean Research Support – Bob Pittman requested and was granted$7,250 to provide technical support for soybean research programs so that time sensitive and important information such as flowering date, disease and lodging scores, height, maturity date, yield and test weight can be collected in a timely manner.  Other tasks may include planting of plots, tissue sampling, hand harvesting, machine harvesting and sample data collection after harvest.  To provide an opportunity for an undergraduate college student to gain first hand agronomic experience working in crop research programs in the coastal plain of Virginia.

Increase Seed Yield By Decreasing Aborted Seed Production in Virginia Soybeans – Dr. Anne Alerding requested $30,413 to measure lignocellulose at the start and end of pod filling in four Virginia soybean cultivars.  To also quantify relationships between lignocellulose investment in stems and aborted pod production.

Breeding Conventional Soybeans with High Yield and Improved Quality for Virginia – Dr. Guo-Liang Jiang requested $27,753 to identify and develop high yielding and good quality conventional soybean lines/varieties which will be adapted and complimentary to Virginia soybean industry and help further genetic improvement of soybeans.