2011 Soybean Yield Contest Winners Named

Virginia soybean growers continue to seek higher yields while efficiently using crop inputs. According to Virginia Tech extension soybean specialist Dr. David Holshouser, the purpose of the Virginia Soybean Yield contest is to emphasize and demonstrate the practices necessary to produce maximize economic yields, to recognize those producers who grow high-yielding soybeans, and to gather data on the practices utilized by these outstanding producers.

Eldon Horst from Augusta County topped the 2011 Virginia Soybean Yield Contest with non-irrigated full-season soybeans that yielded 87.8 bushels (Pioneer 94Y40). Emily and Deborah Horst of Augusta County were second with 87.2 bushels (Pioneer 94Y40). Placing third was E.G. Fleet from Middlesex County with 80.8 bushels (Stine 4782-4).

In the double-crop division, Smith Dairy Farm of Caroline County took first place at 66.5 bushels (Channel 4500R2). John Mills III of King William County was second with 66.3 bushels (Channel 4500R2). Third place was James Townsend of King William County with 66.2 bushels (USG 7495nRS).
Topping the irrigated division was Nicholas Mills of King William County with 70.1 bushels (Hubner 46-01R2/STS). Jamie Lee of Southampton County placed second with 65.2 bushels (Pioneer 95Y20). Holsinger Dairy of Augusta County was third with 63.1 bushels (Pioneer 93Y92).

“All of this year’s entries were planted no-till,” said Holshouser. He also reported that the row widths used by the winning entries were 7.5 inches or 15 inches, with the exception of the third place irrigated division winner, which was 30 inches.

Due to an outstanding soybean crop year, there were fifteen new inductees into the Virginia bushel clubs, including four in the 80- bushel club.

Contest winners were recognized at the 2012 Virginia Grains and Soybean Annual Conference in Williamsburg in February. The contest is sponsored by the Virginia Soybean Association in cooperation with the Virginia Cooperative Extension. The mission of the Virginia Soybean Association is to serve the Virginia Soybean farmer and consumer by bringing educational, environmental and economic value to our industry.