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Production Research

VSB allocates nearly 50 percent of its operating budget each year to production research. Learn about these dollars in action through the Virginia Soybean Update.

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National Ag News

  • Trends in New Combines?
    A look at some things I've noticed in new combines.
  • Why did Soybean Conditions Decline?
    After a couple weeks of better weather in much of the growing area traders were expecting an improvement in the soybean crop. Conditions went the other way however with the NASS reporting a 1% decline in the good to excellent category. What does this mean for soybeans?
  • Video: Soybean Commentary 6/27/17
  • Profit Tracker: Packer Margins Top $300
    Leverage shifting from feedyards to packers as summer begins.
  • EPA, U.S. Army Move to Rescind WOTUS
    Earlier today, the EPA, Department of Army and Army Corps of Engineers announced they are proposing a rule that rescinds the Clean Water Rule, a 2015 regulation that sought to clarify water resource management in the U.S. and attempted to define “waters of the United States,” or WOTUS. [...]